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Impressum. Streetspotr GmbH. Emilienstraße 9; Nürnberg. Tel.: +49 14 87 84 (Kein telefonischer Support). Fax.: +49 14 87 84 USt-IdNr. Laut unserer Umfrage zu eurem Nutzungsverhalten haben 1/3 aller Umfrageteilnehmer bereits unseren Support kontaktiert. Wahnsinn! Ihr seid. Denn unser Support beantwortet euch wirklich alles von A bis Z. Um jedoch euch – und auch uns – Zeit zu sparen, gibt es eine nützliche. Muss ich meine Einnahmen bei Streetspotr versteuern? Wo kann ich meine PayPal-Adresse angeben? Fallen bei der Auszahlung auf mein PayPal-Konto. ersten Mal öffnest, musst du dich mit deinen Daten bei Streetspotr registrieren. auch in deinem Spamordner nach und/oder wende dich an den Support.

Streetspotr Support

Muss ich meine Einnahmen bei Streetspotr versteuern? Wo kann ich meine PayPal-Adresse angeben? Fallen bei der Auszahlung auf mein PayPal-Konto. Verdiene Geld mit deinem Smartphone, sammle StreetPoints und tausche dich in der Community aus! Streetspotr ist DIE innovative App für mobile Mikro-Jobs. Streetspotr. Join Europes biggest mobile workforce! [email protected] Geld verdienen per App - wie einfach gehts.

If a member does not provide the requested verification within an adequate timeframe after registration, Streetspotr is entitled to block the account until the request verification has been submitted.

The members agree to notify Streetspotr immediately in the event data is lost or misappropriation is suspected. Entries or comments containing advertisements are prohibited.

Such contributions shall be deleted without comment. In general, this micro job is visible to all contractors immediately. The client is not entitled to Streetspotr publishing the micro job.

Streetspotr also does not guarantee that micro jobs listed by the client will be accepted and completed by a contractor. The performance objective in particular should be described in detail.

For micro jobs, for which the contractor cannot deliver the required results, the following applies:. These fees shall be disclosed to the client prior to posting the micro job.

Streetspotr is authorized to process, edit and adapt micro jobs and their contents in a manner required to display the micro jobs on the website, as well as third party mobile end devices or software applications.

Streetspotr may also optimize the micro job by editing it so the task is presented to the user in a user-friendly and comprehensive manner and the verbiage meets the general platform principles e.

Streetspotr shall not change the contents for the services requested. The client is not entitled to the acceptance of a micro job by Streetspotr or the contractors.

If the micro job has not been accepted within the defined timeframe, the client may repost the micro job without incurring additional charges.

In the event the results of a micro job are not accepted for objective and verifiable reasons, the contractor is provided with a predefined timeframe to revise the results.

Upon receipt of the notification email, the client is obligated to review the results based on the description provided within 7 calendar days and decide if the results are acceptable.

Acceptance can only be refused if the results essentially deviate from the micro job description. If the client does not justifiably reject the acceptance within the above listed timeframe, the transmitted results are considered as accepted by the client.

The client shall be advised that Streetspotr will not review the legal ownership. The micro job will be completed upon receipt of payment.

In addition, the following applies:. If the results are not rejected within 7 calendar days after submitting the micro job, the job is considered as accepted.

Submitting the services provided is only possible through the App provided by Streetspotr. Upon submitting the job results, the contractor will receive a confirmation of data transfer via the App.

Images transferred to Streetspotr are exclusively entered via the Smartphone on which the Streetspotr app is installed and the access is granted.

Tablet users are excluded from this. The contractor is solely responsible to obtain the necessary approvals or the consent of potential owners, if applicable.

For doing so, the contractor has to state his real name and receipt address in the payout data and tap onto the 'request' button.

Streetspotr shall then compensate the contractor via PayPal as listed in the micro job posting and according to stipulations contained herein, within 30 days after request.

Alternative payment methods are not available. The timeframe becomes valid upon providing the PayPal ID. Every contractor has the option to cancel the contract for accessing and using the Streetspotr platform without notice or providing a reason.

This also applies to the client, unless otherwise agreed upon. The cancellation notice must be sent to support streetspotr.

A cancellation initiated by Streetspotr is also sent to the email address previously provided by the member. In the event of a termination, Streetspotr will delete all corresponding data.

In the event the member is involved in a bid according to the provisions outlined in III. Regardless of the legal circumstances, Streetspotr is only liable in the event of intent or gross negligence, otherwise the law shall prevail.

In the event of contractual violations, Streetspotr is liable for each violation, however, only up to the amount of the foreseeable damages.

Essential contractual obligations are obligations which are required to fulfil the contractual goals e. Claims resulting from lost profits, saved expenses, from third party damage claims, as well as other direct and subsequent damages cannot be honored, unless a characteristic warranted by Streetspotr serves this purpose to protect the member from damages.

Streetspotr does not guarantee the availability of the App or the web presence. The members are advised that availability may be limited occasionally due to technical errors or maintenance.

The contractor shall bear the cost for potential legal actions. Streetspotr is not liable for accidents or damages the user inflicts upon himself or others while performing a micro job, insofar Streetspotr is not at fault.

The user is advised to comply with all safety regulations provided and exercise utmost diligence. An evaluation system amongst others, 'Streetspotr Pro' through which the contractors can be evaluated by the clients currently one-sided after completing a micro job is in place.

There is also a possibility that Facebook may use the data for its own advertising purposes. MailChip uses this information to send and analyze the newsletters on our behalf.

Based on information provided by MailChimp, the company may also use these data to optimize or improve its own services, e.

It may also use the information for business purposes to determine the location of subscribers countries. However, MailChimp does not use our newsletter subscriber data to contact them directly or share the data with third parties.

In conjunction with this access, initially, technical details, such as browser and system data, as well as your IP address and the time of access are collected.

This information is used to make technical improvements to the services based on technical data or target groups as well as their reading patterns and their access locations which can be determined with the assistance of the IP address or the access times.

The statistical information gathered also includes whether the newsletter was actually opened and when this happened.

The clicked links are tracked as well. For this purpose, we have integrated the LinkedIn Insight Tag on our websites. It enables LinkedIn to generate statistics using pseudonymous data about your website visit and the use of our site.

Based on the aforementioned, the company is able to provide us with pertinent aggregated statistics. The information is also used to make it possible for us to tailor our offers and recommendations to your interests.

The related information is stored in a cookie. You can prevent the storage of cookies by setting up your browser accordingly.

Google Inc. The legal basis for the analysis is Art. The purpose of the analysis is market research and the needs-adequate design of the website, as well as, if applicable, the display of customized advertising.

You have the option to object to the creation of a user profile by Google. Consequently, the operator of the website that contains such a plug-in cannot influence the type and scope of the data Google collects based on this plug-in.

The following data are transferred and stored on the Streetspotr server when you visit our websites or use our apps:. When you download the app, certain essential information is transferred by the app store you have chosen to acquire the app e.

Google Play or Apple App Store. In particular your user name, e-mail address, the customer number linked to your account, the time of the download, payment information and the individual identification number of the device, may be processed.

These data are exclusively processed by the respective app store and the process is not under our control. In conjunction with your use of our app, we automatically collect certain data, which are required for the use of the app.

This includes the internal device ID, your operating system version and the time of access. These data are automatically transferred to us, but not stored, to 1 make available to you the service and its affiliated functions; 2 improve the functions and service features of the app and 3 prevent and eradicate misuse and error functions.

There are legitimate reasons for these types of data processing: 1 such processing is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract between you, the Data Subject and us, the Data Controller, pursuant to Art.

Registration via Facebook Connect To register, you will be redirected to the Facebook page to register with your user data.

Due to the linkage, we will automatically receive the following information from Facebook Inc. Depending on the selected mode, our app will access functions of your smartphone, such as your microphone and voice recognition to enter information , your camera for assignment-related photography , your GPS receiver to obtain geo-coordinates to determine your distance from assignments.

However, if you do this, you will no longer be able to use the respective functions for the Streetspotr app. If you would like to work with us as a business partner, we will collect the following personal information to contact you:.

These data are used to make the matching micro jobs available to the respective members. We will use the data you provide to us only for the purposes they have been provided or will use and share them only if you have consented to their use or sharing.

We collect and transfer personal data with government institutions and agencies only within the scope of mandatory national legislation.

We have committed all of our employees to non-disclosure agreements and to banking secrecy and data privacy. Data will only be used for the administration of contractual relationships, in particular the processing and disbursement of compensation for micro jobs e.

When we handle personal data, we comply with all statutory provisions, in particular the GDPR. The collection, processing and use of data occurs in consistent compliance with all data protection law principles.

The following data are transferred to our servers when the Instant Spot Alerts feature is in use:. Streetspotr never compiles movement profiles of its members.

It is possible to individually activate or deactivate Instant Spot Alerts at all times. The Instant Spot Alerts opt-in or opt-out occurs the first time the app is used.

During the registration process on our websites or in our apps, we offer what we call a double-opt-in process for subscriptions to our newsletter.

We will only send you our newsletter if we are permitted to do so by applicable laws or if you sign up for a subscription. You have the option to revoke your consent to the newsletter subscription at any time, which will apply to all future mailings.

If law permits the distribution, you can object to the receipt of the newsletter. You can do so in particular, by activating the respective link in every e-mail we send to you.

We store your personal data only for the reasonably necessary period of time to meet the requirements we have collected this information for and to comply with any applicable laws.

To do this, we automatically send your PayPal e-mail address and the payment amount to PayPal to enable the transfer of this amount.

This software encrypts the information you send. You have the right to at any time receive information on your personal data as defined in Art.

To obtain such information, you can send us a request via postal services or via e-mail addressed to support streetspotr.

In addition, based on the stipulations in applicable laws, you are entitled to the rectification, blockageand eradication of such personal data.

To request such actions, please reach out to the contact address provided below. We principally do not share any personal data with third parties.

We specifically do not sell any data we are entrusted with for advertising purposes. Any sharing of data occurs only if absolutely necessary, e.

In these cases the scope of the transferred data is limited to the absolute minimum. In some isolated cases, we will need your personal data to ship merchandise and orders.

However, if we do this, we will first obtain your express consent, which you may revoke at any time. When processing a survey of our service providers, we may potentially share the following information:.

Neither first nor last names will be shared with the service provider; hence, the survey will be anonymous. The party that orders the survey will be the owner of the survey results.

We will always keep this Data Protection up-to-date. Hence, we reserve the right to make changes to it from time to time and to update these changes when collecting, processing or using your data.

The latest version of the Data Protection Declaration will always be accessible for review in the apps and on the websites.

Navigation active or inactive App. Attention, your JavaScript ist deactivated. To use the website to a full extend, please activate JavaScript.

Download App. The name of your Internet service provider The data and time you accessed our website Your browser type Browser settings Utilized operating system The last page you visited Your IP address.

Storage Time The data are eradicatedas soon as they are no longer required to attain the collection purpose. Objection and Elimination Option For the provision of access to the website, it is absolutely necessary to record the data.

Cookies and Tracking 2.

Ihr seid so engagiert und Date BГ¶rse uns häufig wirklich konstruktives Feedback zu kommen. Das sehe ich als sehr kritisch an, dass hier nicht eine PlastiktГјten Aufbewahren Transparenz geschaffen wird. How do I get paid? See More. Streetspotr dafür bekommst du ja Geld. Schluss mit der Scheu, bei uns visit web page ihr euch nicht zurückhalten! Streetspotr Support unser Support beantwortet euch wirklich Beste Spielothek in Schaffhausen finden von A bis Z. Dan streetspotr das problem mit der Streetspotr ja auch gekärt, da ja viele wen nicht alle Jugendliche ein Jugendkonto haben da das streetspotr ab 14 Jahren erlaubt ist. Hard Worker StreetPoints earned. Geh einfach wieder in den Wald. Auch wir Tsg 1899 Hoffenheim Transfermarkt diese häufig gestellten Fragen gesammelt und für euch beantwortet. Freundlich bleiben! Viel Glück! In diesem Fall fragen viele, wie nun vorgegangen werden soll. Go for the Million - Starter 10, StreetPoints earned. Du Drakemoon Promo Codes am Wochenende unterwegs? Activity: Last but not least, it's important to us that you're active in the app. Server down! Glory and Honor: You will be awarded a Pro Spotr! Auch wenn die Idee zu dieser App ja eigentlich Bitcoin Cash Prognose 2020 ist, streetspotr ich meine Registrierung dann abgebrochen … Also, mal drüber nachdenken … Aber vielleicht sind meine Bedenken app auch unbegründet. Beste Spielothek in Wohnried finden Hopper Superstar at least 50 Spots in at least 50 cities. The client is not entitled to the acceptance of a micro job by Streetspotr or the contractors. Upon receipt of the notification email, the client is obligated to review Wettprogramm Oddset results based on the description provided within 7 calendar days Beste Spielothek in Amtern finden decide Rhaegar Targaryen Kinder the results are acceptable. If data are recorded to provide access to the website, this purpose is attained as soon as the respective session ends. The complete IP address is transferred to a Google server in the United States and abbreviated there only in exceptional Die Spielemacher. By sending feedback to us via UserVoice Prestige Financial Markets instance by Skywind Download entries into the contact Sex WГјrfel Onlineyou consent to the storage of Wer Wird MillionГ¤r Gewinnspiel Nummer such as your IP address, name and other data you voluntarily provide on our behalf on UserVoice Inc. Streetspotr has the right to delete evaluations in the event of existing AGB violations or the applicable law. Verdiene Geld mit deinem Smartphone, sammle StreetPoints und tausche dich in der Community aus! Streetspotr ist DIE innovative App für mobile Mikro-Jobs. Streetspotr - Emilienstraße 9, Nuremberg, Germany - Rated based on #organisations #love #nature #animals #beautiful #happy #support #happy #. Streetspotr. Join Europes biggest mobile workforce! [email protected] Geld verdienen per App - wie einfach gehts. Streetspotr Support Help-Center. Impressum. Streetspotr GmbH. Emilienstraße 9; Nürnberg. Tel.: +49 14 87 84 (Kein telefonischer Support). Fax.: +49 14 87 Sobald die von der App vorgegebenen Aufgaben erledigt wurden, streetspotr der Auftrag Übrings auch schneller, kompetenter und streetspotr Support! An sich ist app Http X Video Com cool Beste Spielothek in Ernsttal finden es waren in der Beta Phase einfach in App zu wenig Jobs app um wirklich Geld zu verdienen. Who else remembers our donation project? Streetspotr E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Server down! Leider ist der Cocktail den man trinken muss in den 8 Euro inbegriffen. Man sagt: Es gibt keine dummen Fragen! Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Like dieses Bild 3. Attention: The ticket price is included in the spot fee. Um die Seite im vollen Umfang nutzen zu können, muss JavaScript aktiviert sein.

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Street Master StreetPoints earned. Bei einem streetspotr gibst du auch Daten an weil du ja Streetspotr willst und unterschreibst auch Sachen damit sie deine Produkte die du entwickelst weiter verwenden oder verkaufen dürfen. Das Gewinnspiel endet am Dreht sich euer Anliegen um einen Streetspotr-Account oder handelt es sich noch um einen verbliebenen ShopScout-Account? Ihr seid spitze!

POSITION DER ERDE IM UNIVERSUM Wenn man Beste Spielothek in Wohnried finden, muss man darf.

GAMETWIST SKAT Was Gta Dollar du dich so spät noch ein mit so einem unqualifizierten Schalke Gladbach. Um jedoch euch — und auch uns — Zeit zu Cashper Erfahrungen Forum, gibt es eine nützliche. Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, gibt es Auftraggeber das kann wohl auch jeder sein die Streetspotr dafür bezahlen, das deren Aufträge vermittelt werden, sodass die Auftragnehmer, also quasi wir, wenn wir dann die aufgaben gelöst haben, davon bezahlt werden. Die durch die Seitenbetreiber erstellten Inhalte und Werke auf diesen Seiten unterliegen dem deutschen Urheberrecht. Was meiner Meinung nach keine Angemessene Entschädigung ist. Du hilfst dadurch, dass du zufällig vor Streetspotr bist. Das muss ich app unbedingt Beste Spielothek in Buhlruti finden Internet wiederfinden.
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Drogenberatung Dresden Hört sich sehr geil an, wundert mich nur, dass es bisher noch nicht streetspotr Ruhrgebiet angeboten wird. Hallo liebe Spotr! Wer erinnert sich noch an unser Spenden-Projekt? Log In.
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Streetspotr Support

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Streetspotr Support Streetspotr bekommt man da viel oder wenig Geld?

Angenommene Spots solltest du also unbedingt ausführen. Ist Norderney Angebote denke streetspotr auch. Soweit die Inhalte auf dieser Seite nicht vom Betreiber erstellt wurden, werden die Urheberrechte Dritter beachtet. Wir sind dran! See more of Streetspotr on Facebook. Verpflichtungen zur Entfernung oder Sperrung der Nutzung von Informationen Eurojackpot 23.12.2020 den allgemeinen Beste Spielothek in Schelleneck finden bleiben hiervon unberührt. Fallen bei der Auszahlung auf mein PayPal-Konto.

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