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This was cut short in part by the Panic of and yellow fever epidemics. With the economy so focused on one crop, Mobile's fortunes were always tied to those of cotton, and the city weathered many financial crises.

The last slaves to enter the United States from the African trade were brought to Mobile on the slave ship Clotilde. Among them was Cudjoe Lewis , who in the s became the last survivor of the slave trade.

Many early Jewish families were descendants of Sephardic Jews who had been among the earliest colonial settlers in Charleston and Savannah.

By Mobile's population within the city limits had reached 29, people; it was the 27th-largest city in the United States and 4th-largest in what would soon be the Confederate States of America.

The H. Hunley , the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, was built in Mobile. Lee 's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse , the city surrendered to the Union army to avoid destruction after Union victories at nearby Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely.

On May 25, , the city suffered great loss when some three hundred people died as a result of an explosion at a federal ammunition depot on Beauregard Street.

Federal Reconstruction in Mobile began after the Civil War and effectively ended in when the local Democrats gained control of the city government.

One example can be provided by the value of Mobile's exports during this period of depression. The turn of the 20th century brought the Progressive Era to Mobile.

The economic structure developed with new industries, generating new jobs and attracting a significant increase in population. During this time, social justice and race relations in Mobile worsened, however.

In , the city government passed Mobile's first racial segregation ordinance, segregating the city streetcars.

It legislated what had been informal practice, enforced by convention. In the city adopted a commission form of government, which had three members elected by at-large voting.

Considered to be progressive, as it would reduce the power of ward bosses, this change resulted in the elite white majority strengthening its power, as only the majority could gain election of at-large candidates.

In addition, poor whites and blacks had already been disenfranchised. Mobile was one of the last cities to retain this form of government, which prevented smaller groups from electing candidates of their choice.

But Alabama's white yeomanry had historically favored single-member districts in order to elect candidates of their choice. The red imported fire ant was first introduced into the United States via the Port of Mobile.

Sometime in the late s they came ashore off cargo ships arriving from South America. The ants were carried in the soil used as ballast on those ships.

During World War II , the defense buildup in Mobile shipyards resulted in a considerable increase in the city's white middle-class and working-class population, largely due to the massive influx of workers coming to work in the shipyards and at the Brookley Army Air Field.

Mobile was one of eighteen United States cities producing Liberty ships. A race riot broke out in May of whites against blacks. ADDSCO management had long maintained segregated conditions at the shipyards, although the Roosevelt administration had ordered defense contractors to integrate facilities.

That year ADDSCO promoted 12 blacks to positions as welders, previously reserved for whites; and whites objected to the change by rioting on May The mayor appealed to the governor to call in the National Guard to restore order, but it was weeks before officials allowed African Americans to return to work, [56] keeping them away for their safety.

In the late s, the transition to the postwar economy was hard for the city, as thousands of jobs were lost at the shipyards with the decline in the defense industry.

Eventually the city's social structure began to become more liberal. Replacing shipbuilding as a primary economic force, the paper and chemical industries began to expand.

No longer needed for defense, most of the old military bases were converted to civilian uses. Following the war, in which many African Americans had served, veterans and their supporters stepped up activism to gain enforcement of their constitutional rights and social justice, especially in the Jim Crow South.

During the s the City of Mobile integrated its police force and Spring Hill College accepted students of all races. Unlike in the rest of the state, by the early s the city buses and lunch counters voluntarily desegregated.

The Alabama legislature passed the Cater Act in , allowing cities and counties to set up industrial development boards IDB to issue municipal bonds as incentives to attract new industry into their local areas.

The city of Mobile did not establish a Cater Act board until George E. The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, believing its members were better qualified to attract new businesses and industry to the area, considered the new IDB as a serious rival.

After several years of political squabbling, the Chamber of Commerce emerged victorious. While McNally's IDB prompted the Chamber of Commerce to become more proactive in attracting new industry, the chamber effectively shut Mobile city government out of economic development decisions.

Board of Education that segregation of public schools was unconstitutional. The federal district court ordered that the three students be admitted to Murphy for the school year, leading to the desegregation of Mobile County's school system.

The civil rights movement gained congressional passage of the Civil Rights Act of and Voting Rights Act of , eventually ending legal segregation and regaining effective suffrage for African Americans.

But whites in the state had more than one way to reduce African Americans' voting power. Maintaining the city commission form of government with at-large voting resulted in all positions being elected by the white majority, as African Americans could not command a majority for their candidates in the informally segregated city.

This and other factors related to industrial restructuring ushered in a period of economic depression that lasted through the s.

The loss of jobs created numerous problems and resulted in loss of population as residents moved away for work. Mobile's city commission form of government was challenged and finally overturned in in City of Mobile v.

Bolden , which was remanded by the United States Supreme Court to the district court. Finding that the city had adopted a commission form of government in and at-large positions with discriminatory intent, the court proposed that the three members of the city commission should be elected from single-member districts , likely ending their division of executive functions among them.

Mobile's state legislative delegation in finally enacted a mayor-council form of government, with seven members elected from single-member districts.

This was approved by voters. Since the change to single-member districts, more women and African Americans were elected to the council than under the at-large system.

Beginning in the late s, newly elected mayor Mike Dow and the city council began an effort termed the "String of Pearls Initiative" to make Mobile into a competitive city.

Mobile is located in the southwestern corner of the U. Mobile has a number of notable historic neighborhoods. Mobile's geographical location on the Gulf of Mexico provides a mild subtropical climate Köppen Cfa , with hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters.

A study by WeatherBill, Inc. Precipitation is heavy year-round. On average, July and August are the wettest months, with frequent and often-heavy shower and thunderstorm activity.

October stands out as a slightly drier month than all others. Snow is rare in Mobile, with its last snowfall on December 8, , [70] before this, its last snow was nearly four years earlier, on January 27, Mobile is occasionally affected by major tropical storms and hurricanes.

The storm caused tremendous damage to Mobile and the surrounding area. Mobile suffered millions of dollars in damage from Hurricane Katrina on August 29, , which damaged much of the Gulf Coast cities.

A storm surge of In late December , the city suffered two tornado hits. On December 25, , at pm, a large wedge tornado touched down in the city.

The path took the tornado into Midtown , causing damage or destruction to at least structures. The path taken through the city was just a short distance east of the path taken days earlier, on December 20, by an EF1 tornado which had touched down near Davidson High School and taken a path ending in Prichard.

Mobile's French and Spanish colonial history has given it a culture distinguished by French, Spanish, Creole, African and Catholic heritage, in addition to later British and American influences.

It is distinguished from all other cities in the state of Alabama. The annual Carnival celebration is perhaps the best example of its differences.

Mobile is the birthplace of the celebration of Mardi Gras in the United States and has the oldest celebration, dating to the early 18th century during the French colonial period.

Carnival in Mobile evolved over the course of years from a beginning as a sedate French Catholic tradition into the mainstream multi-week celebration that today bridges a spectrum of cultures.

The Carnival season has expanded throughout the late fall and winter: balls in the city may be scheduled as early as November, with the parades beginning after January 5 and the Twelfth Day of Christmas or Epiphany on January 6.

The next day is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent , the day penitential season before Easter. In Mobile, locals often use the term Mardi Gras as a shorthand to refer to the entire Carnival season.

During the Carnival season; the mystic societies build colorful floats and parade throughout downtown. Masked society members toss small gifts, known as 'throws,' to parade spectators.

Carnival was first celebrated in Mobile in when colonial French Catholic settlers carried out their traditional celebration at the Old Mobile Site , prior to the relocation of the city to the current site.

In Mobile's Cowbellion de Rakin Society was the first formally organized and masked mystic society in the United States to celebrate with a parade.

Carnival celebrations in Mobile were canceled during the American Civil War. In Joe Cain revived the Mardi Gras parades when he paraded through the city streets on Fat Tuesday while costumed as a fictional Chickasaw chief named Slacabamorinico.

He celebrated the day in front of the occupying Union Army troops. Founded in , the Conde Explorers in were the first integrated Mardi Gras society to parade in downtown Mobile.

The society has about a hundred members and welcomes men and women of all races. In addition to the parade and ball, the Conde Explorers hold several parties throughout the year.

Its members also perform volunteer work. The National African American Archives and Museum features the history of African-American participation in Mardi Gras, authentic artifacts from the era of slavery, and portraits and biographies of famous African Americans.

The Mobile Municipal Archives contains the extant records of the City of Mobile, dating from the city's creation as a municipality by the Mississippi Territory in The majority of the original records of Mobile's colonial history, spanning the years through , are housed in Paris, London, Seville , and Madrid.

It features handwritten manuscripts and published materials that are available for use in genealogical research. The Mobile Public Library system serves Mobile and consists of eight branches across Mobile County; its large local history and genealogy division is housed in a facility next to the newly restored and enlarged Ben May Main Library on Government Street.

The Mobile Museum of Art features permanent exhibits that span several centuries of art and culture.

Hearin Gallery contemporary works. The Centre for the Living Arts is an organization that operates the historic Saenger Theatre and Space , a contemporary art gallery.

The Saenger Theatre opened in as a movie palace. Today it is a performing arts center and serves as a small concert venue for the city.

The Mobile Civic Center contains three facilities under one roof. It is the primary concert venue for the city and hosts a wide variety of events.

It is home to the Mobile Opera and the Mobile Ballet. Outlaw Convention Center. The Mobile Theatre Guild is a nonprofit community theatre that has served the city since The group was named in honor of the famous comedic actor Joe Jefferson , who spend part of his teenage years in Mobile.

The Players debuted their first production on December 17, The group began doing summer camps in , expanded to a year-round facility in and recently moved into the Azalea City Center for the Arts, a community of drama, music, art, photography, and dance teachers.

The Mobile Arts Council is an umbrella organization for the arts in Mobile. It was founded in as a project of the Junior League of Mobile with the mission to increase cooperation among artistic and cultural organizations in the area and to provide a forum for problems in art, music, theater, and literature.

Mobile is home to a variety of museums. It features artifacts and resources that chronicle the long history of medicine in Mobile.

It features permanent and traveling exhibits, an IMAX dome theater, a digital 3D virtual theater, and a hands-on chemistry laboratory.

It houses the Estuarium, an aquarium which illustrates the four habitats of the Mobile Bay ecosystem : the river delta , bay , barrier islands and Gulf of Mexico.

Mobile has more than 45 public parks within its limits, with some that are of special note. It serves as the official welcome center and a colonial-era living history museum.

Later architectural styles found in the city include the various Victorian types, shotgun types, Colonial Revival , Tudor Revival , Spanish Colonial Revival , Beaux-Arts and many others.

Mobile has a number of historic structures in the city, including numerous churches and private homes. The Sodality Chapel and St.

Joseph's Chapel at Spring Hill College are two historic churches on that campus. The Washington Firehouse No. The Hunter House is an example of the Italianate style and was built by a successful 19th-century African American businesswoman.

The Shepard House is a good example of the Queen Anne style. The city has several historic cemeteries that were established shortly after the colonial era.

They replaced the colonial Campo Santo , of which no trace remains. It contains plots for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart , Little Sisters of the Poor , Sisters of Charity , and Sisters of Mercy , in addition to many other historically significant burials.

Sha'arai Shomayim is the older of the two. The United States Census determined that there were , people residing within the city limits of Mobile.

Metropolitan Mobile is estimated to have a population of , in The census indicated that there were 78, households, out of which 21, had children under the age of 18 living with them, 28, were married couples living together, 17, had a female householder with no husband present, 3, had a male householder with no wife present, and 30, were non-families.

The age distribution of the population in consisted of 6. Since the government of Mobile has consisted of a mayor and a seven-member city council.

A supermajority of five votes is required to conduct council business. This form of city government was chosen by the voters after the previous form of government, which had three city commissioners, each elected at-large, was ruled in to substantially dilute the minority vote and violate the Voting Rights Act in Bolden v.

City of Mobile. The three at-large commissioners each required a majority vote to win. Due to appeals, the case took time to reach settlement and establishment of a new electoral system.

Outlaw , who served his second term as mayor from — His first term had been under the old system, from — Mike Dow defeated Outlaw in the election; he was re-elected, serving as mayor for four terms, from — His "The String of Pearls" initiative, a series of projects designed to stimulate redevelopment of the city's core, is credited with reviving much of downtown Mobile.

Upon his retirement, Dow endorsed Sam Jones as his successor. Sam Jones was elected in as the first African-American mayor of Mobile.

He was re-elected for a second term in without opposition. He ran for a third term in but was defeated by Sandy Stimpson. Stimpson took office on November 4, and was re-elected on August 22, As of November , the seven-member city council is made up of Fredrick Richardson, Jr.

Small from District 3, John C. It was founded in to identify, challenge, and educate future leaders.

Mobile also has a large number of private schools, most of them parochial in nature. Many belong to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile.

Notable private Protestant institutions include St. The University of South Alabama is a public, doctoral -level university established in Faulkner University is a four-year private Church of Christ -affiliated university based in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Mobile campus was established in and offers bachelor's degrees in Business Administration, Management of Human Resources, and Criminal Justice.

Spring Hill College , chartered in , was the first Catholic college in the southeastern United States and is the third oldest Jesuit college in the country.

The University of Mobile is a four-year private Baptist-affiliated university in the neighboring city of Prichard that was founded in Bishop State Community College , founded in , is a public, historically African American , community college.

Bishop State has four campuses in Mobile and offers a wide array of associate degrees. Several post-secondary, vocational -type institutions have a campus in Mobile.

Mobile serves the central Gulf Coast as a regional center for medicine, with over physicians and dentists.

There are four major medical centers within the city limits. Mobile Infirmary Medical Center has beds and is the largest nonprofit hospital in the state.

It was founded in Providence Hospital has beds. It was founded in by the Daughters of Charity from Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Its roots go back to with the old city-owned Mobile City Hospital and associated medical school. A teaching hospital, it has Mobile's only level I trauma center and regional burn center.

Springhill Medical Center, with beds, was founded in It is Mobile's only for-profit facility. Additionally, the University of South Alabama operates the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital with beds, dedicated exclusively to the care of women and minors.

The center is home to the first academic cancer research center in the central Gulf Coast region. Mobile Infirmary Medical Center operated Infirmary West, formerly Knollwood Hospital, with acute care beds, but closed the facility at the end of October due to declining revenues.

BayPointe Hospital and Children's Residential Services, with beds, is the only psychiatric hospital in the city. It houses a residential unit for children, an acute unit for children and adolescents, and an age-segregated involuntary hospital unit for adults undergoing evaluation ordered by the Mobile Probate Court.

The city has a broad array of outpatient surgical centers, emergency clinics, home health care services, assisted-living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

Aerospace, steel, ship building, retail, services, construction, medicine, and manufacturing are Mobile's major industries.

After having economic decline for several decades, Mobile's economy began to rebound in the late s. Between and roughly 13, new jobs were created as 87 new companies were founded and existing companies were expanded.

Defunct companies that had been founded or based in Mobile included Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company , Delchamps , and Gayfers. Mobile's Alabama State Docks underwent the largest expansion in its history in the early 21st century.

Doing business as BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards , the company continues to operate the site as a full-service shipyard, employing approximately workers with plans to expand.

It was planned to employ up roughly 1, full-time workers when fully operational. Construction began with a groundbreaking ceremony on April 8, , with it becoming operable by and producing up to 50 aircraft per year by On October 16, , Airbus announced a partnership with Bombardier Aerospace , taking over a majority share of the Bombardier CSeries airliner program.

As a result of this partnership, Airbus plans to open an assembly line for CSeries aircraft in Mobile, particularly to serve the US market.

This effort may allow the companies to circumvent high import tariffs on the CSeries family. It was originally projected to eventually employ 2, people.

The facility became operational in July The company put both its carbon mill in Calvert and a steel slab-making unit in Rio de Janeiro up for sale in May , citing rising production costs and a worldwide decrease in demand.

According to Mobile's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city during were: [] [].

Local airline passengers are served by the Mobile Regional Airport , with direct connections to four major hub airports.

In an effort to better take advantage of Mobile's waterways for recreational, opposed to simply industrial, use, The Three Mile Creek Greenway Trail is being designed and implemented under the instruction of the City Council.

The linear park will ultimately span seven miles, from Langan Municipal Park to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Avenue, and include trailheads, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

The existing greenway is centered at Tricentennial Park. These converge at the Port of Mobile, which provides intermodal freight transport service to companies engaged in importing and exporting.

The city was served by Amtrak 's Sunset Limited passenger train service until , when the service was suspended due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Potential locations for the station include at the foot of Government Street in downtown and in the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley , which is favored by the Port of Mobile [].

Two major interstate highways and a spur converge in Mobile. Interstate 10 runs northeast to southwest across the city while Interstate 65 starts in Mobile at Interstate 10 and runs north.

Interstate connects to Interstate 65 north of the city in Prichard and joins Interstate 10 in downtown Mobile.

Interstate 10 leaves downtown through the George Wallace Tunnel under the river and then over the bay across the Jubilee Parkway to Spanish Fort and Daphne.

Mobile's public transportation is the Wave Transit System which features buses with 18 fixed routes and neighborhood service.

Baylinc operates Monday through Friday. Mobile is served by several taxi and limousine services. The city was a home port for cruise ships from Carnival Cruise Lines.

This cessation of cruise service left the city with an annual debt service of around two million dollars related to the terminal. The four night cruises will visit Cozumel, Mexico while the five night cruises will additionally visit Costa Maya or Progreso.

Carnival Fascination will be replacing Carnival Fantasy in Although Carnival Cruise Lines did not operate from Mobile after the Carnival Fantasy left in , the Carnival Triumph was towed into the port following a crippling engine room fire.

Mobile's Press-Register is Alabama's oldest active newspaper, first published in Mod Mobilian is a website with a focus on cultured living in Mobile.

Mobile is served locally by a number of over-the-air television stations. It ranked 61st in the nation for the —08 television season. The content ranges from Christian Contemporary to Hip hop to Top Mobile is the home of Ladd—Peebles Stadium.

The football stadium opened in With a current capacity of 40,, Ladd—Peebles Stadium is the fourth-largest stadium in the state.

It features opponents from the Sun Belt and Mid-American conferences. The top graduating high school seniors from their respective states compete each June.

The University of South Alabama in Mobile established a football team in , which went undefeated in its inaugural season.

It currently plays at Ladd—Peebles Stadium. South Alabama basketball is a respected mid-major, regularly competing for the Sun Belt Conference championship.

They play their home games at the Mitchell Center. The public Mobile Tennis Center includes over 50 courts, all lighted and hard-court.

The Falls course was recently named the best par 3 course in America. Mobile is home to the Azalea Trail Run , which races through historic midtown and downtown Mobile.

This 10k run has been an annual event since Mobile has registered sister city arrangements with the following cities: []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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